Lake Cerknica

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Biking around Lake Cerknica was always a pleasant experience, and it got even better since the local tourist organization marked four trails, from a family-friendly one to a slightly more demanding trip to Rakov Škocjan.

At a Glance

Easy tour on gravel roads
550 m
Average time
2 h
Elevation gain
110 m
18.7 km
Start: 45.772962,14.357420

Starting point Hiking map

Interactive route

Four Steps to a Perfect Trip

  • Lake Cerknica is an intermittent lake. You might want to check the water level before taking the trip; you’ll love the views when the lake is at its maximum.
  • Park at a large parking lot close to Dolenje Jezero.
  • Walk to the nearby Museum of Lake Cerknica and select one of the four suggested tours.
  • Follow the signs and enjoy ;)

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