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Some hikes around Primorska hills (Cerkno and Idrija hills, Trnovski forest) are listed on this page. You’ll find many more hikes in southern Primorska in these pages:

Finally, the whole Soča valley belongs to Primorska: you’ll find hikes in that region under Julian Alps


  • Red dots on the map are hiking trips with English description;
  • Green dots are biking tours.
  • Gray dots are hikes without an English description. You might still want to look at the map, enjoy the photos, or use Google Translate on Slovenian text .

Hikes or biking tours with detailed descriptions

Križna Gora and Javornik (24 km, Δ=790 m)

Getting to Pirnat Lodge at Javornik from Col is easy – you can drive there – but it’s way more fun to take a detour via Križna Gora and another one through Vodice on the way back.

St. Ivan and Šebrelje (630 m, Δ=420 m, 3 hours)

A steep hike from Idrijca valley to the church of St. John (Sv. Ivan) brings you to the sunny Šebrelje plateau.

Vojsko from Čekovnik (24.1 km, Δ=640 m)

Vojsko is a high, densely forested karst plateau with one of the highest-lying settlements in Slovenia. You could bike around the Vojsko and admire the people who made their living in that harsh environment for centuries or enjoy the views while biking to Vojsko from Idrija, Spodnja Idrija, Idrijska Bela, Gorenja Trebuša, or Čekovnik.

Zadlog from Wild Lake (22.4 km, Δ=450 m)

Zadlog is a dispersed settlement stretched across a fairy-tale flatland high above the upper Idrijca Valley. We’ll start at Wild Lake, use an old road supposedly built during the Napoleonic occupation of Slovenia, and return via the scenic Strug gorge.

Zakojca from Idrijca Valley (24.8 km, Δ=640 m)

Zakojca is a tiny village on the northern slopes of Kojca with a beautiful view of the southern peaks of the Julian Alps. Starting from Idrijca valley, you could get there on an asphalt road via Bukovo or (more interestingly) via Vrh Ravni pass.

Other hikes in this region