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Some hikes around Primorska hills (Cerkno and Idrija hills, Trnovski forest) are listed on this page. You’ll find many more hikes in southern Primorska in these pages:

Finally, the whole Soča valley belongs to Primorska: you’ll find hikes in that region under Julian Alps


  • Red dots on the map are hiking trips with English description;
  • Green dots are biking tours.
  • Gray dots are hikes without an English description. You might still want to look at the map, enjoy the photos, or use Google Translate on Slovenian text .

Hikes or biking tours with detailed descriptions

Križna Gora and Javornik (24 km, Δ=790 m)

Getting to Pirnat Lodge at Javornik from Col is easy – you can drive there – but it’s way more fun to take a detour via Križna Gora and another one through Vodice on the way back.

St. Ivan and Šebrelje (630 m)

A steep hike from Idrijca valley to the church of St. John (Sv. Ivan) brings you to the sunny Šebrelje plateau.

Other hikes in this region