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  • Red dots on the map are hiking trips with English description;
  • Green dots are biking tours.
  • Gray dots are hikes without an English description. You might still want to look at the map, enjoy the photos, or use Google Translate on Slovenian text .

Hikes or biking tours with detailed descriptions

Exploring Hrušica: Polšak Hut and Roman Fortress (19.2 km, Δ=420 m)

We’ll start in Kalce, bike through the forests on the slopes of Hrušica, drop by a renovated homestead in the middle of nowhere, and visit the ruins of a Roman fortress. Take this tour when you need to clear your head, de-stress, or mull over new ideas. You won’t be disturbed by traffic, hikers, or spectacular views.

From Zaplana to Rovte (22.2 km, Δ=470 m)

This circuitous tour will take you around western part of Rovte hills. Stop at the highest point and enjoy the view of Julian Alps with Triglav.

Lake Cerknica (18.7 km, Δ=110 m)

Biking around Lake Cerknica was always a pleasant experience, and it got even better since the local tourist organization marked four trails, from a family-friendly one to a slightly more demanding trip to Rakov Škocjan.

Pasja Ravan from Polhov Gradec (28.9 km, Δ=660 m)

Pasja Ravan used to be the highest peak in Polhov Gradec hills until the Yugoslav army decided to level it to build a radar station. Yugoslavia is long gone, and so is the radar station. Still, the gravel road to the top remains – an ideal opportunity to bike there and enjoy fantastic views from the ridge separating Gorenjska from Notranjska.

Pizza @ Tavžentroža (24.4 km, Δ=470 m)

Tavžentroža has the best pizzas in Rovte hills. Let’s bike there from Zaplana to make sure we’ll be building a proper hunger along the way 😉

Planinska Gora (880 m)

Planinska Gora (Planina'’s Mountain) is the easternmost part of the ridge extending from Planina (near Postojna) to Bukovje and Predjama. The hike will take you along wide trails with only an occasional steep section or two, making it ideal for a family excursion with restless kids.

Slivnica above Lake Cerknica (1114 m)

Hiking or biking to Slivnica is always a pleasant experience – we love snowy meadows in the winters, summer flowers on those same meadows in the summer, or the cool shade of the beech forest while biking to the top… and then there’s the view of Lake Cerknica.

Snežnik from Sviščaki (1796 m)

Snežnik is the highest peak in south-western Slovenia. You could spend days wandering around huge forests surrounding it; the quickest hike to the peak starts in Sviščaki, a hamlet high above Ilirska Bistrica.

St. Lovrenc from Gorenje (1019 m)

The shortest hike to Sv. Lovrenc starts at the hunting hut above Gorenje, leading you across sunny meadows and through a steep forest.

St. Lovrenc near Postojna (1019 m)

If you decide to visit Postojna cave or Predjama castle, drop by Gorenje or Studeno on the way back and hike to Gora (aka: sv Lovrenc), the highest hilltop in the ridge stretching from Planina to Predjama.

Sv. Lovrenc from Studeno (1019 m)

The steepest ascent to Sv. Lovrenc starts in Studeno, a village near Postojna. I love to take it when looking for a short but intensive morning hike after dropping the kids off at school.

Velika Milanja on Volovja Reber (18.8 km, Δ=520 m)

Volovja Reber is a long ridge on the southwestern edge of the Snežnik plateau. It’s one of those magical places where you rarely encounter a fellow hiker or biker, even though it’s only a few kilometers away from an overcrowded main road. Let’s enjoy the beauties of karst meadows and pastures while biking to Velika Milanja – the highest peak in the ridge with an unusual rocky top.

Vrhnika – Zaplana – Star Maln (19.2 km, Δ=420 m)

If you happen to be in Vrhnika, take a mountain bike and explore the hills above the town. One of the shorter tours takes you to Kuren, Zaplana, Strmca, Star Maln and back to Vrhnika.

Žibrše (18.6 km, Δ=400 m)

Žibrše are a cluster of hamlets peppered across the southern edge of Rovte hills. You’ll enjoy fantastic views while exploring them, and you might be lucky enough to stumble upon a rare wildflower in late May or early June.

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