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If you decide to visit Postojna cave or Predjama castle, drop by Gorenje or Studeno on the way back and hike to Gora (aka: sv Lovrenc), the highest hilltop in the ridge stretching from Planina to Predjama.

At a Glance

1019 m
Peak: 45.839190,14.168374

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St. Lovrenc from Gorenje (Δ=300 m, 2 hours)

The shortest hike to Sv. Lovrenc starts at the hunting hut above Gorenje, leading you across sunny meadows and through a steep forest.

Sv. Lovrenc from Studeno (Δ=420 m, 2 hours)

The steepest ascent to Sv. Lovrenc starts in Studeno, a village near Postojna. I love to take it when looking for a short but intensive morning hike after dropping the kids off at school.