🇸🇮 Hiking in Slovenia

Slovenia is probably one of the best-kept secrets of Europe. Beautiful environment, ranging from Alps to hills, flatlands or seaside make it an excellent country to explore on foot, more so as you will easily find many well-maintained and marked hiking paths.

Our pages contain photo galleries from over 180 hikes in Slovenian hills and mountains, some of them (listed below) also have brief English descriptions. You list all the excursions, or search through them using the browsing tools from the right-hand sidebar.

Hikes with English descriptions

These hikes have English descriptions (mostly contributed by Margaret Davis).

Nanos (Pleša) from Abram (1262 m)

The hike across sunny Nanos meadows from Abram (a 500-year old farm situated 800m above the Vipava valley) is my favorite way to reach Pleša, the most prominent Nanos peak.

We love taking the hike in May and June, enjoying the wildflowers, or doing it in late autumn or early spring when the soil is still frozen.

Planinska Gora (880 m)

Planinska Gora (Planina'’s Mountain) is the easternmost part of the ridge extending from Planina (near Postojna) to Bukovje and Predjama. The hike will take you along wide trails with only an occasional steep section or two, making it ideal for a family excursion with restless kids.

Blegoš from Volaka (1562 m)

Want to check the view from Blegoš but hate the crowds? Try the solitary hike from Volaka – you’ll rarely meet someone on the old footpaths in the first half of the ascent and might encounter a like-minded soul when your path merges with the road from Leskovica.

Slivnica above Lake Cerknica (1114 m)

Hiking or biking to Slivnica is always a pleasant experience – we love snowy meadows in the winters, summer flowers on those same meadows in the summer, or the cool shade of the beech forest while biking to the top… and then there’s the view of Lake Cerknica.

Slavnik and Grmada from Podgorje (1028 m)

The shortest routes to Slavnik lead from Podgorje, a small karst village south-west of the mountain, where you’ll find abundance of little paths and cart-tracks across Slavnik’s southern slopes.

St. Ivan and Šebrelje (630 m)

A steep hike from Idrijca valley to the church of St. John (Sv. Ivan) brings you to the sunny Šebrelje plateau.

Blegoš from Hotavlje (1562 m)

One of the longest ascents to Blegoš begins in Hotavlje, a village in the valley Poljanska dolina, best known for its quarry of high-quality Hotavlje stone.

Vogel (1922 m)

Vogel is certainly the best known summit of the Lower Bohinj Mountains, with a majestic view of Bohinj lake and Triglav.

Viševnik (2050 m)

Viševnik is one of the highest summits in the ridge separating the Pokljuka plateau from the Krma valley, and one of the most-popular peaks above 2000m in Slovenia.

Kokoš from Lokev (670 m)

Kokoš is one of the summits in the hill range separating Sežana Karst (more accurately Lokavsko polje) from the Gulf of Trieste. These hills are crisscrossed with hiking paths and cycling tracks, making them ideal for spring and autumn walks.