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If you like wildflowers, you MUST visit Zalipnik valley between Golič and Karst edge in early May, and while you’re there, try to find Slender Fritillary on the northern slopes of Kavčič, the last peak before the Slovenia-Croatia border.

At a glance

883 m
Average time
3 h
Elevation gain
440 m
Starting point
Start: 45.531420,13.947151
Peak: 45.471239,13.983605

Starting point Hiking map

Getting There

  • You could reach Kavčič via marked footpaths from Golič or Lipnik; I prefer biking there.
  • If you decided to follow my lead, leave the bike at the point where the marked footpath leaves the dirt road across Zalipnik valley (@ 8.6 km), and hike to the hilltop.
  • Enjoy the views ;)

Views From the Top