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Hikes or biking tours with detailed descriptions

Kovk above Col (961 m)

Kovk is a scenic hilltop at the edge of the Gora plateau high above Vipava valley with fantastic vistas of the valley, Trnovski Gozd, Julian Alps, and the Italian Dolomites.

Kovk from Col (961 m)

Getting from Col (a village along an old Roman road) to Kovk (a scenic hilltop high above Vipava valley) is a comfortable hour-long hike with a few steeper sections – ideal for an afternoon family stroll.

Kovk from Vipava Valley (961 m)

The steep footpath to Kovk from the hunting hut in Budanje is an excellent choice for the days when you’re looking for a quick strenuous hike with a fantastic view.

Nanos (Pleša) from Abram (1262 m)

The hike across sunny Nanos meadows from Abram (a 500-year old farm situated 800m above the Vipava valley) is my favorite way to reach Pleša, the most prominent Nanos peak.

We love taking the hike in May and June, enjoying the wildflowers, or doing it in late autumn or early spring when the soil is still frozen.

Plaz above Vipava (529 m)

Plaz is a scenic viewpoint above Vipava. Pleasant footpaths lead to it from Vipava and Gradišče, making it a perfect destination of an afternoon family hike.

Sončnica (867 m)

The steep hike from Budanje to Sončnica (a prominent overhanging rocky outcrop at the edge of the Gora plateau) is an ideal opportunity to burn the few extra fat cells you were so carefully nurturing during the winter months.

Stara Baba above Ajdovščina (350 m)

Stara Baba is a fluvial terrace with a nice view of nearby Ajdovščina. It must be a popular destination for afternoon strolls as it’s crisscrossed with unmarked footpaths – an ideal easy hike if your kids love exploring the countryside or if dad needs to show off his latest GPS gadget.

Veliki Rob from Gojače/Zasod (1236 m)

Veliki Rob is one of the most prominent peaks on the edge of the Čaven plateau. Most hikers focus on nearby Kucelj, making it an exciting destination a bit off the beaten track. Marked paths to Veliki Rob are pretty circuitous if you want to start in Vipava valley, so we’ll take an extra-steep unmarked approach.

Vipavska Brda (Vipava Hills) from Podnanos (17.3 km, Δ=560 m)

I’ve been watching the tiny church of Sv. Socerb (Saint Servulus) high above Vipava Valley for over a decade as I was climbing in Gradiška Tura. I’ve heard of a dirt track leading from it back to the valley years ago, but it took me a long while to go and find it. You might want to do it sooner than that and enjoy the spectacular views of the Vipava Valley and Nanos on the way.

Čaven (1242 m)

Čaven is a Karst plateau (as well as one of the peaks in that plateau) high above Vipava valley north-west of Ajdovščina.

Its steep slopes presented a formidable challenge to local farmers, who created a web of footpaths, dirt trails, and narrow dirt roads to reach high-lying meadows and forests. You can walk along those paths to get to Koča na Čavnu (Čaven mountain hut) from Predmeja, Vrtovin, Stomaž, Kamnje, or Lokavec.

Čaven from Kamnje (1242 m)

Farmers from Kamnje, a tiny village high above Vipava valley, had to walk two hours to reach the meadows where they were preparing hay for the winter.

The local mountaineering team decided to preserve that tradition and created a theme path leading from Kamnje to Mala Gora.

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