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When it’s too cold to climb in Vipavska Bela, try the sunny southwest-facing crags above Vipava. Regardless of whether you’re a total beginner or a slab master, you’ll find tons of well-protected climbs to enjoy.

At a Glance

3 to 7c+
400 m
Start: 45.832270,13.971014
Peak: 45.82459,13.97896

Starting point Hiking map

Climbing Is Not as Safe as Watching Videos

Rock climbing is not something you do after attending YouTube university. If you’re not an experienced rock climber, get professional help; there are dozens of licensed mountain guides in Slovenia.

I can highly recommend Gregor Šeliga, Tina di Batista or Miha Habjan, and the receptionist at Camp Tura might have a few more suggestions.

A Few Notes

  • Vipava crags are spread across a large area. Each sector is pretty small, and the hiking time ranges from 10 to 45 minutes.
  • You can climb in Vipava from early autumn to late spring. It’s way too hot in the summer.
  • The sun reaches most of the sectors around 10 AM. Don’t even try to start earlier than that in winter.
  • Some sectors (Leva Plošča, Pikapolonica) are family-friendly; others are decidedly not.
  • Grades of easier climbs are usually demotivational. Don’t bother; choose something way below your top performance and enjoy.
  • Mala Plošča has a few interesting boulder-like climbs.
  • The right side of Oltar has amazingly compact rock (warning: you’ll need 70 m rope).
  • Luska has fantastic almost-multi-pitch climbs.
  • Pikapolonica is the traditional beginner’s crag, full of lovely easy climbs, although the rock could be a bit crumbly. The right half is family-friendly and well-protected.
  • Triptih is a sector-of-last-resort when Pikapolonica becomes overcrowded.