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This page lists hikes around Gorenjska hills. You’ll find alpine hikes here:


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Hikes or biking tours with detailed descriptions

Betwixt Gorenjska and Primorska (20.3 km, Δ=440 m)

The eastern part of the boundary between Gorenjska and Primorska (two historical regions in western Slovenia) lies on Idrijca and Sora’s watershed. We’ll explore a picturesque ridge on that watershed with great views of Kamnik Alps, Julian Alps, and Idrija hills.

Blegoš (1562 m)

Blegoš is the highest summit in the Škofja Loka hills and (together with Ratitovec and Porezen) one of the »big three« subalpine peaks.

Blegoš from Hotavlje (1562 m, Δ=1100 m, 6 hours)

One of the longest ascents to Blegoš begins in Hotavlje, a village in the valley Poljanska dolina, best known for its quarry of high-quality Hotavlje stone.

Blegoš from Volaka (1562 m, Δ=990 m, 5 hours)

Want to check the view from Blegoš but hate the crowds? Try the solitary hike from Volaka – you’ll rarely meet someone on the old footpaths in the first half of the ascent and might encounter a like-minded soul when your path merges with the road from Leskovica.

Ermanovec from Trebija (15.3 km, Δ=530 m)

Take a trip from Trebija to the mountain hut on Ermanovec if you happen to be in Poljanska Valley with a bike – the views (once you get out of the forest) are well worth the effort.

Ice Climbing in Mlačca

Climbing a vertical column of frozen water is a must-have experience. Not sure about that? Get an ice climbing instructor or a mountain guide, and try it out in Mlačca gorge.

Mrzli Vrh from Žiri (10.5 km, Δ=510 m)

Mrzli Vrh (Cold Peak) is a beautiful vista point high above Žiri, well worth the effort you’ll spend hiking or biking there – you’ll enjoy the views of Škofja Loka hills, Idrija hills, and the Julian Alps.

Zavratec Plateau Trail (16.7 km, Δ=370 m)

I had the mountain bike packed in my car but had to be back home for lunch, so I was looking for a short but steep ride, and the Zavratec Plateau Trail turned out to be an excellent choice, including lovely views of the Julian Alps and Idrija hills.

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