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Imagine you just bought a new set of winter gear, and you’re desperate to use it, but the weather is not playing along. It might be too cold, or there might be too much fresh snow, or there’s high avalanche danger…

You could hike around hills and pretend 10cm of snow and a bit of ice on the footpath warrants the use of crampons. If you haven’t been there yet, explore Polhograjska Grmada, Tosc, Blegoš or Mali Golak.

You could also hope your incredible good luck will hold back an avalanche and hike above the tree line (hint: don’t)… or you could try ice climbing. Climbing a vertical frozen column of water is a must-have experience.

Not sure whether that’s what you’d like to do? Why don’t you try it out? Pavel Skumavc has been turning the Mlačca gorge into an ice-climbing area for decades and manages to build fantastic ice sculptures almost every year. Contact him to check the ice conditions, pick up your crampons and ice axes, and spend a wonderful day trying out something you never dared to dream about.


Don’t Even Think about Winging It

If you’re an experienced ice climber, you’re probably not reading this article anyway (or you already left this page and picked up your phone to call Pavel). Everyone else, read carefully. I shall write this only once1

Ice climbing is not without risk. Don’t ever try to figure out an activity that could kill you by watching YouTube videos (and lie to the team at Mlačca gorge that you know what you’re doing). Hire an instructor. Nearby Kofler Sport is organizing half-day climbing events, or you could get one of the many Slovenian Mountain guides. Need a recommendation? Climbing in Mlačca with Miha Habjan was a great experience.

  1. If you’re British you probably got the reference ;) Everyone else should really watch this↩︎