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Blegoš is the highest summit in the Škofja Loka hills and (together with Ratitovec and Porezen) one of the »big three« subalpine peaks. In fine weather a superb view is ensured from its grassy top: as well as the surrounding summits you'll see the complete ridge of the Southern Bohinj Mountains, the highest peaks around Triglav, the Karavanke range and the Kamnik Alps, while on days when the atmosphere is very clear, the view to the south reaches as far as Snežnik.

It's no wonder that a number of waymarked paths lead up to such an important summit, offering a broad range of trips – from a short half-hour walk to short trips from Črni Kal, ridge walks from Stari vrh above Škofja Loka or from Črni vrh above Cerkno to quite demanding ascents from the valleys of the Poljanščica and the Selščica.

The view from Blegoš

The view from Blegoš

Ascents to Blegoš

You can hike to Blegoš from at least these starting points (times include descent):