Vipavska Bela

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Vipavska Bela is my favorite climbing spot. Compact rock, short and sweet climbs, lovely family-friendly surroundings, no-hassle parking, a two-minute walk to reach the crag… what else should one hope for?

At a Glance

3 to 8c
250 m
Start: 45.872902,13.972551

Starting point

The Mandatory Warning

Rock climbing is not something you do after watching YouTube videos. If you’re not an experienced rock climber, get professional help; there are dozens of licensed mountain guides in Slovenia.

I can highly recommend Gregor Šeliga or Tina di Batista, and the receptionist at Camp Tura might have a few more suggestions.

A Few Notes

  • The crag is in a pine forest facing east.
  • Spring and autumn mornings are fantastic. It’s too cold in the winter, and supposedly the summer evenings could be pleasant. When dropping by in June, I try to be there around 8 AM and leave before 11 AM.
  • Some of the climbs are still sparingly bolted. Think before climbing.
  • You might find the grades demotivational. Use them as rough guidance, and start with something that’s way below your top performance.
  • The climbs are short, and the crux is usually just a few moves. It’s almost like bouldering on a rope. Some people love it; others hate it.
  • The easy climbs get crowded over the weekends, but if you’re comfortable climbing 6b, you’ll still have a wonderful experience.
  • Did I mention the crowds? Footholds on popular climbs tend to be well-polished.