Vipava Old Castle

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Every self-respecting European city has a castle (or, at the very least, the castle ruins) on a nearby hill, and Vipava is no exception. Ascending to Vipava’s Old Castle is a lovely family hike worth combining with phenomenal ice cream at Bar Marjanca.

At a Glance

Easy family-friendly hike
240 m
Average time
Ascent: 30 minutes
Descent: 20 minutes
Total: 1 hour
Elevation gain
140 m
Start: 45.844321,13.960785
Peak: 45.850265,13.964105

Starting point Hiking map

In a Nutshell

  • Park in a large parking lot just before the town center
  • Walk through Lantieri park to reach the main square.
  • Have a coffee at Bar pri Marjanci.
  • At the western edge of the main square, turn right onto Kreljeva ulica.
  • The waymarks start at the next junction. Follow them to a tiny parking lot, then follow signs for “Stari grad” onto a wide, well-maintained gravel footpath.
  • Turn sharp right at the next junction (you can’t miss the castle, it’s clearly visible from there), and you’ll reach your destination in a few minutes.
  • After enjoying the views and exploring the castle ruins, use the same path to return to Vipava or take a long detour via Plaz.
  • Have a pizza, pasta, or žlikrofi at Picerija na Placu.