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Kovk on Gora (hilly plateau north of Vipava Valley between Predmeja and Col) could mean one of three things:

  • The ridge on the eastern side of the plateau
  • The highest peak in that ridge (that’s the one we’re interested in)
  • A hamlet near the Col-Predmeja road.

The sunny slopes of Kovk will try to entice you whenever you drive on the road that traces the old Roman road from Hrušica toward Col. Take a break, hike from Col to Kovk (not more than 2 hours), or go for a day-long journey along the edge of Gora plateau.

Choose Your Hike


Kovk from Col (Δ=320 m, 2 hours)

Getting from Col (a village along an old Roman road) to Kovk (a scenic hilltop high above Vipava valley) is a comfortable hour-long hike with a few steeper sections – ideal for an afternoon family stroll.

Kovk from Vipava Valley (Δ=550 m, 3 hours)

The steep footpath to Kovk from the hunting hut in Budanje is an excellent choice for the days when you’re looking for a quick strenuous hike with a fantastic view.