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Slivnica is one of the peaks in my Goldilocks zone – it’s not too far, the hike is not too steep, or too long, or too dull, and the view of Lake Cerknica and Slovenian Alps is fantastic.

The most popular hike to Slivnica starts in Cerknica. It’s usually not too crowded during the week; during sunny weekends all bets are off. In those times you should either arrive early in the morning or consider alternative ascents from Martinjak, Grahovo, or Brezje.

Facts First

Well-trodden waymarked path with stimulating steep sections. The meadows in the upper half get hot during summer months.
1114 m
Average time
Ascent: 1 h 40 min
Descent: 1 h
Total: 3 h
Elevation gain
540 m
Start: 45.792868,14.367291
Peak: 45.7899991,14.3990229

Starting point Hiking map

Interactive route

Getting There

Parking in Cerknica is “interesting” – the only available public parking is at the hike’s start:

  • Follow the main road through Cerknica.
  • Just after the town center (right after what is called Kekec Bar today), turn left following the barely-noticeable red signs for Slivnica.
  • Park at a small parking lot behind a decrepit building on the left side of the road.

To the top

Cross the lane that brought you to the parking spot, and you’ll notice a sign for Slivnica. Follow the wide well-marked footpath until the fork at the start of a sparse pine forest. Turn left following a red arrow and a flying witch.

Following the usual hiking waymarks, ascend through a long clearing and a steep pine forest till a wider path joins from the left. Remember that fork – the red arrow pointing down the return path is hard to notice. Turn right and keep going uphill. Don’t worry – as long as you’re staying on the widest uphill track, you can’t get lost.

Just before you’ll reach the meadows, you might notice a narrow footpath forking to the right. Take that one (using a log to cross the electric fence) as it’s much nicer to walk on the meadows than on the road.

The slope slacks off at this point, and your uphill struggle turns into a leisurely stroll. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the vistas and a marvelous collection of summer flowers until you reach another pine forest. A short dash uphill brings you to the mountain hut on Slivnica, and another 5-minute walk gets you to the top with a nice view of the Slovenian Alps.

Hint: Don’t rest there – there’s a nice bench in a warm sunny spot with a great view of the lake just a few meters off.

Getting Back

You could get adventurous and explore unmarked paths going back toward Cerknica, but if you don’t feel like getting lost a few times, follow the waymarks (and remember to be careful on major forks in the pine forest).

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