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Oblakov Vrh (Cloudy Peak) is a saddle1 between Kanomlja and Hotenja valleys with a beautiful view of the Idrija Fault (both valleys resulted from that fault). We’ll bike to Oblakov Vrh from Dolenja Trebuša and enjoy a panoramic view of the Julian Alps on the way back.

At a Glance

A mix of asphalt and gravel roads
721 m
Average time
3 h
Elevation gain
600 m
19 km
Start: 46.094144,13.838676
Peak: 46.061757,13.890988

Starting point Hiking map

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Getting There

  • Park near the primary school in Dolenja Trebuša2
  • Cross the stream (Hotenja), then turn left and follow signs for Oblakov Vrh. It will take you a bit more than an hour to get there.
  • On the way back, take a narrower, steeply ascending asphalt road on the first left hairpin.
  • When you get to a fork, stop and enjoy the view. If you don’t have a mountain bike, turn around and use the main road to return to Dolenja Trebuša (the descent ahead of us is somewhat brutal).
  • Still with me? Take the left road.
  • The asphalt road will eventually turn into a well-maintained gravel road, cross another meadow, and start descending.
  • Take a sharp left onto a narrower half-forgotten washed-out gravel road (I found a wooden sign for Trebuša).
  • When you reach the valley, turn right and keep going straight until you return to Dolenja Trebuša.

  1. I never understood why Slovenians insist on calling saddles peaks, but there you go. ↩︎

  2. I started a bit further up the Hotenja valley as I decided to stay in Dolenja Trebuša for a few days. ↩︎

Map of the Route

The map shows the path we took as recorded by the GPS receiver. Never trust a GPS track wholeheartedly; rely on your senses and maps.

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