North Face of Debela Peč

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Debela Peč is one of the most visited peaks in the Julian Alps, with processions of hikers going up and down its slopes from late spring to autumn. To avoid the crowds, you have to move just a stone’s throw away, and you’ll enjoy perfect solitude and great views of Krma valley and Triglav while climbing Debela Peč’s North Face.

At a Glance

IV through VII, 200 – 350 m
2008 m
Average time
6 h
Elevation gain
800 m
Start: 46.374746,13.941008
Peak: 46.38806,13.93004

Starting point Hiking map

It’s always great to climb with someone familiar with every detail of the rockface, and it would be hard to get someone better suited for the job than Urban Ažman, a local mountain guide who started climbing in Debela Peč as a teenager.

Climbing in Debela Peč usually starts with a long ascent from Krma valley1; we decided to take an alternate approach across Pokljuka and reached the rockface via an almost abandoned hunting trail – an exciting experience by itself. We planned to climb one of the easiest routes (South-West Ridge, IV/III, 200 m) but quickly diverged from the plan and found a beautiful new line across a previously unclimbed pillar, adding proverbial icing to an already delicious cake.

The final touches of a beautiful day:

  • Hiking to nearby Brda, another rarely visited peak, to experience another fantastic view of the rockface we climbed.
  • Delicious lunch at Pr Jagru Inn in Zatrnik (a mandatory pit stop on the way from Pokljuka).

  1. A much longer approach with elevation gain over 1200 m. ↩︎