Storžič: Kramarjeva Grapa

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If you like easy long climbs and aren’t bothered by occasional loose gravel, you’ll love Kramarjeva Grapa (Kramar’s Gully) in Storžič’s north face. Apart from a few meters of a bit more demanding climbing, the difficulties usually don’t exceed being on a steep, somewhat irregular ladder. Kramar’s Gully is also excellent preparation for climbing the Slovenian route on Triglav’s North Face.

At a Glance

IV/I-III, 615 m
2132 m
Average time
6 h
Elevation gain
1020 m
Start: 46.359231,14.389682
Peak: 46.352766,14.400153

Starting point Hiking map


  • It’s not uncommon to see a seasoned climber soloing this route. If you’re reading this, you’re probably not one of them – hire a mountain guide. I loved the days I spent there with Tina di Batista (who also took all the photos).
  • Unless you’re a fast climber, prepare for a day-long trip.
  • You could also climb this route in winter, but be wary of avalanches; they love to take it on their way down. I did a winter climb years ago and found it much more strenuous than a summer one.