Climbing above Vršič Pass

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Climbing the rockfaces above Vršič pass is as close as one can get to Plaisir alpine climbing in Slovenia. You’ll start above the treeline, hike for 30-45 minutes, and enjoy an extensive collection of trad- or bolted multi-pitch climbs, either in full sun (southwest face of Nad Šitom Glava) or shadow (north faces of Nad Šitom Glava or Mala Mojstrovka).

At a Glance

IV through VII+/6b
2087 m
Start: 46.433416,13.743486
Peak: 46.43914,13.73875

Starting point Hiking map

I loved climbing these routes:

  • Stoletje (VI-/IV, 180 m)
  • Juševa smer (V/IV, 180 m)
  • Zajeda skozi okno (V+/IV, 180 m)
  • Severovzhodni greben (Northeast Ridge) of Nad Šitom Glava (IV-V/II-III, 200 m)
  • Smer po zajedi (V+/IV-V, 300 m)
  • Severni raz (North Ridge) of Mala Mojstrovka (IV/III-IV, 300 m)

Severni Raz in Mala Mojstrovka’s north face is the easiest of them all and suitable for total beginners (trust me, we tried it out); the others require at least some climbing skills to be enjoyable.


  • The routes in the southeast face of Nad Šitom Glava are a bit shorter (180 m versus 300 m), steeper, and more demanding.
  • The southeast face of Nad Šitom Glava is in shadow after 2 PM, making it possible to climb there in summer; you’d be better off going there in spring/autumn and enjoying the sunshine.
  • When I was younger, I climbed at least some of the above routes as the lead climber. Today, I prefer climbing them with a mountain guide – I can highly recommend Tina di Batista or Gregor Kofler.