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Planinica (1136 m, Δ=450 m, 2 hours)

Planinica is the lowest-lying alp on the southern slopes of Begunjščica ridge. Hiking there will take a tad longer than an hour, and the hut on the alp promises all sorts of local delicacies and even ice cream – a perfect family hike.

Vrtača (2181 m, Δ=1150 m, 7.5 hours)

Vrtača is one of the highest peaks on the Slovene-Austrian border. It’s a bit off the beaten trail – you’ll be able to enjoy a few quiet moments, but it takes quite a while to get there regardless of where you start.

Zelenica (1536 m, Δ=480 m, 2.5 hours)

Zelenica is an alpine pasture in a valley between Begunjščica and Vrtača. It takes a bit more than an hour to hike there from the Ljubelj pass, and there’s a mountain hut at the end of the hike – ideal ingredients for a great family trip.

Goričica Alp (Planina Goričica) (1340 m, Δ=750 m, 4 hours)

Goričica is a forgotten alp high on the slopes of Kanin massif. It’s a perfect place when you’re seeking solitude – even though a waymarked path crosses the alp, it was utterly overgrown when I was there.

Javoršček Vista Point (9 km, Δ=310 m)

Whenever I was enjoying my morning coffee at House Natura in Bovec, I wondered how to get to the giant rockslide on the northern slopes of Javoršček clearly visible across the Soča valley. It turns out it’s easy – a gravel road will get you there, and it’s clearly marked, as the rockslide created an excellent vista point with views of Rombon and Kanin.

Korita above Drežniške Ravne (16.9 km, Δ=560 m)

Several world-class Slovenian cyclists (including Tadej Pogačar) won the race from Kobarid to Korita above Drežniške Ravne early in their careers. Let’s see how tough that race is.

Drežnica (9.6 km, Δ=300 m)

Drežnica is a small village high above Soča valley, snuggled onto the steep slopes of Krn. It offers magnificent views of the surrounding peaks, and it’s not hard to get there – it’s just five kilometers away from Kobarid.

Mrzli Vrh from Žiri (10.5 km, Δ=510 m)

Mrzli Vrh (Cold Peak) is a beautiful vista point high above Žiri, well worth the effort you’ll spend hiking or biking there – you’ll enjoy the views of Škofja Loka hills, Idrija hills, and the Julian Alps.

Biking to Kojnik (15.5 km, Δ=400 m)

It was way too hot for May, and I was tired and sunburnt. An early morning tour to Kojnik, a wooded hilltop south of way more popular (and crowded) Slavnik, was precisely what I needed.

Abitanti from Gračišče (27 km, Δ=470 m)

Abitanti is a tiny Istrian hamlet that’s not just in the middle of nowhere. It’s way beyond that. The village was deserted when I hiked there years ago. This time, I found a group of renovated houses (and locals fixing even more of them) after a colorful ride across Istrian pine forests and meadows.

Biking to Kuk and Lačna (18.7 km, Δ=430 m)

I love hiking across the hills on the limestone edge of Slovenian Istria, but whenever I’m schlepping myself along the long dirt trails, I dream of doing them with a mountain bike. As it turns out, what looks like a wide and easy dirt road when you’re hiking could turn into a mischievous beast when you are on a bike, including the trails between Kuk and Lačna.

Southern Slopes of Nanos (17.6 km, Δ=600 m)

Two asphalt roads lead to Nanos, a mountainous plateau high above Vipava valley. While I like biking on the northwestern road in summer, the one on the sunny southern slopes of Nanos is an ideal choice for spring and autumn days.

Orlovca (860 m, Δ=320 m, 2 hours)

Orlovca (Eagle Rock) is a large overhanging cliff at the edge of Gora plateau high above Vipava Valley. It’s one of the highlights of the Angel Mountain Trail (Pot po Angelski Gori); we’ll use a tiny bit of that trail to get there.

Zgornji Kras and Socerb Castle (440 m, Δ=80 m, 1 hour)

When our kids were still in kindergarten, they loved hiking around the place with the Bora wind – the meadows of Zgornji Kras, a karst plateau above Trieste with beautiful views of surrounding hills and the Adriatic Sea.

Rock Shelters in Veli Badin (410 m, Δ=300 m, 2 hours)

The cliffs at the boundary between limestone and clay parts of Slovenian Istria end with enormous rock shelters – a must-see for every hiker visiting these parts of Slovenia.

Polhograjska Gora (824 m, Δ=450 m, 2.5 hours)

Imagine you were living in a small village in the 17th century. How would you call the hilltop behind it? If it’s high enough, it’s bound to be The Mountain. Fast forward to the times of mass tourism – the townspeople want to know which Mountain they visited when they brag about their weekend trips. Welcome to the etymology of Polhograjska Gora (Polhov Gradec Mountain), a lovely hilltop with a church of Saint Laurent.

Saint Nicholas above Vipava Valley (445 m, Δ=210 m, 2 hours)

As you’re traveling on the highway from Postojna toward Vipava, you might notice a tiny church high on the slopes of Nanos plateau (look right just before the gas station) – the Saint Nicholas church, a perfect destination for a short family hike.

Karst Edge: Around Črni Kal (420 m, Δ=210 m, 2 hours)

We love exploring paths around the Karst Edge from Črni Kal to Zazid, and it’s even more fun if they happen to be unmarked. This time we’ll do an easy hike along old dirt roads – an ideal family weekend trip.

Škavnica (734 m, Δ=490 m, 3 hours)

Škavnica is a giant limestone slab in the middle of a pine forest on the west slopes of Nanos plateau. I usually hike there to admire its limestone pavement crisscrossed with deep fissures; the view of Vipava valley, Adriatic sea, and the Italian Alps is just the icing on the cake.

Multipitch Climbing in Gradiška Tura (500 m, Δ=250 m, 3 hours)

I love spending sunny autumn and winter days in the rocks above Vipava; the crags around Gradiška Tura were one of my first sports climbing adventures. Years later, I started tasting the long trad climbing routes, resulting in a discovery of a recently-created masterpiece: an almost-vertical slab with fantastic compact rock and almost a dozen bolted multi-pitch routes.