Veliki Greben (Big Ridge)

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Veliki Greben is a giant ridge in the heart of the Kamnik Alps. Even though it ends at a popular hiking trail traversing the southern slopes of Skuta (near the Instagram-famous bivouac), you are almost guaranteed to climb it in perfect solitude. Combine that with fantastic views from the exposed thin edge you’ll be climbing, and you’ll get an unforgettable experience.

At a Glance

II/I, 500 m
A short crux up to V- if you want to avoid bushwalking
2006 m
Average time
6 h
Elevation gain
1170 m
Peak: 46.356470,14.567886


  • There’s a reason not many people climb this ridge; it takes over two hours of pretty steep hiking to get there.
  • The climbing is not hard. Depending on where you start, you might have to climb an attractive, slightly overhanging corner (or engage in serious bush-walking); the rest of the climbing is pure poetry.
  • Don’t even think about going there on your own unless you’re an experienced alpine/trad climber. Take a mountain guide and enjoy!
  • The only (printed) information I could find is in the Kamniška Bistrica climbing guide (currently out of print).


I enjoyed climbing Veliki Greben with Tina di Batista. She also took all the great photos on this page.