🇸🇮 Saint Jakob above Preddvor

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From the church of Saint Jacob, sitting on the western ridge of Potoška Gora high above Preddvor, you’ll have a phenomenal view of the Slovenian Alps. The vista, and the legendary mountain hut next to the church, make this hilltop a beloved hiking destination.

At a Glance

961 m
Average time
2 h
Elevation gain
440 m
Start: 46.305721,14.432230
Peak: 46.315115,14.440824

Starting point Hiking map

Interactive route

The path on the video shows us taking a steep shortcut on the way up and the old road on the way down.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  • Park on a gravel road right after the left turn next to Turn castle.
  • Follow the gravel road till the fork, where you could choose between a leisurely walk on the gravel road or a decently-steep hike on a well-marked footpath.
  • It’s tough to get lost as long as you follow the signs for Sv. Jakob. The path is very well marked, and although there are tons of footpaths, biking trails, and logging roads in the forest below the hilltop, almost every shortcut and detour will bring you to the destination.
You’ll find most of the unmarked footpaths on OpenCycleMap. For example, we took the old road (Stara Cesta) on the way down. It’s not as steep as the marked footpath and not as dull as the gravel road.