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We decided to continue our exploration of Karst dirt trails when visiting our friends in Tupelče. We started in Pliskovica, dropped by Volčji Grad and Gabrovica, barely managed to find a long-lost dirt trail from Gabrovica to Kobjeglava, and returned to Pliskovica via Kosovelje.

At a Glance

A mix of dirt trails and footpaths with an occasional asphalt road. Take a mountain bike.
310 m
Average time
2.5 h
Elevation gain
260 m
18.5 km
Start: 45.770639,13.782370

Starting point

Interactive route Download GPX file

From Pliskovica to Gabrovica

  • Park in a tiny parking lot at the southern edge of Pliskovica
  • Take the left road into the village. Go straight at the first junction, then keep left.
  • After the last house, take a dirt road going right.
  • Follow the widest dirt road until you get to a T-junction in the forest (if you get to a meadow with a monument, you got too far). Turn right.
  • When you reach a gravel road, turn left. At the next junction, turn right (north).
  • In Volčji Grad, keep to the right until you reach the gravel road going east (toward Gabrovica).
  • After a nasty steep section, you’ll reach an asphalt road. Cross it and continue toward Gabrovica.
  • In Gabrovica, stay on the main road until you reach the church.
  • Keep to the right, cross the main road through Gabrovica, and continue onto a narrow asphalt road toward Kobjeglava.

Gabrovica to Kobjeglava (or Pliskovica)

Now you have to choose between two sane and one utterly insane option. Sane options first:

  • Turn right onto a gravel road and follow signs toward Kosovelje (you’ll miss Kobjeglava and Tupelče).
  • Use the asphalt road to get to Kobjeglava.

The insane option: OpenCycleMap claims a dirt trail runs parallel to the Komen–Kobjeglava main road. More precisely: long long time ago, there was a dirt trail…

  • The start of the dirt trail is pretty obvious, but then it turns sharp right at a vineyard. Don’t take the right turn; continue onto an overgrown path going straight.
  • It only gets worse. We got lost a few times. I used GPS navigation to keep us relatively straight, and veering left seemed a pretty successful strategy.
  • Eventually, we ran out of luck. The trail was so overgrown that it was impossible to continue. We started carrying bikes through the adjacent (probably deserted) grassland, where we found a barely visible footpath running parallel to our trail.
  • At the end of that field, we crossed onto another well-maintained meadow – a good sign, as the farmers need to get there – and found a gravel road leading into it. The gravel road brought us to Kobjeglava.
  • In Kobjeglava, turn right onto the main road through the village to get to Tupelče.

From Tupelče to Pliskovica

  • Take the narrow asphalt road going right from the pond in the center of the village (see also: The Path of Nine Ponds).
  • Keep going straight, and you’ll eventually reach Kosovelje.
  • In Kosovelje, follow the signs with a little lamb (Pliska Trail) onto an asphalt road leading straight back to Pliskovica.

Another insane option: Keep following the little lamb. It will lead you onto a narrow rocky footpath that will also bring you to the church in Pliskovica. Remember that you’re not the target audience for Pliska Trail – be polite, don’t scare the hikers, and don’t take the trail on sunny weekends.

Map of the Route

The map shows the path we took as recorded by the GPS receiver. Never trust a GPS track wholeheartedly; rely on your senses and maps.