Slavnik from Podgorje (on a bike)

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I’m lamenting the loss of the dirt track leading to Slavnik every time I hike there, but the gravel road it was bastardized into comes handy if you decide to get to the top with a mountain bike.

At a Glance

Steep gravel road (average slope: 9%, max: over 15%)
1015 m
Average time
2 h
Elevation gain
510 m
12.1 km
Starting point
Start: 45.531420,13.947151

Starting point Hiking map

Interactive route Download GPX file

In a Nutshell

  • Start in Podgorje
  • Follow the signs for Slavnik until the village center where the red hiking signs send you into two different directions.

Choose between:

  • Marked gravel road: follow the signs pointing right (Slavnik, 1h30m), and red arrows or hiking waymarks whenever in doubt (suggestion: avoid the hiking shortcuts 😎).
  • Rockier but not so steep firefighting road: Turn sharp left onto a narrow asphalt road. It quickly turns into a gravel road. Follow uphill-pointing blue (biking) signs.

Map of the Route

The map shows the path we took as recorded by the GPS receiver. Never trust a GPS track wholeheartedly; rely on your senses and maps.

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